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Statement of A. Clare Brandabur, PhD
Assistant Professor, English Literature, Dogus University
January 12, 2007

9/11 as Theatre: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” (-The Wizard of Oz)

     When I first watched the mesmerizing pictures of the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building  Number 7 [570 feet tall, 47 stories, and not hit by an airplane], my reaction was a kind of numb disbelief which later gave way to a perception of the whole event as an elaborately staged piece of theatre.

    A book in which 9/11 can be seen as theatre is Enemy Combatant by Moazzam Begg, an account of the imprisonment and torture of a British Muslim at Kandahar and Guantanamo Bay. The first of Moazzam’s poems begins, “Attacks from the air on September eleven . . .”  and the first American he encounters on being kidnapped in Islamabad on January 31, 2002, cuffs him with a pair of handcuffs he claims had been given to him by “the wife of a victim of the September 11th attacks.” The performance notes required that American soldiers vent their outrage as victims of the 9/11 attacks on the carefully constructed “Other,” Muslims who had been designated in advance as scapegoats.

     One of the FBI types who cut off Moazzam’s clothing leaving him naked, searched all body cavities, and shaved his head and beard, asked him “When was the last time you saw Osama bin Laden or Mullah Umar?”  Moazzam notes that the cells at Kandahar had names like “Somalia”, “Lebanon”, “USS Cole”, “Nairobi”, “Twin Towers”, and ”Pentagon”—stage dressing automatically casting inhabitants of the cells in the role of dangerous enemies guilty of real or imagined humiliations against Americans.

     As the book unfolds, the reader sees that the Americans running Bagram and Guantanamo  prisons are actors trained to play bit parts as avenging angels in a charade in which prisoners like Moazzam were miscast in the role of “terrorists”, the “worst of the worst”, by the choreographers in Washington. During one interrogation when Moazzam protests his innocence and says no court would convict him on such flimsy grounds, FBI agent Ryan told him, After 9/11, Moazzam, the rules have changed. We have new laws, and according to them, you’re already convicted.”  

     The torturers were not looking for information: they knew he was innocent. But they offered Moazzam fantastic bribes – new identity, relocation with family, expensive cars – if he would only sign a false confession that supported the cover story —that he worked for Al-Qaideh, that Osama Bin Laden trained terrorists for Saddam Hussein—anything but the truth.

      So American fear and anger was directed toward “Islamo-fascism” and “Palestinian terrorists,”  while behind the scenes, under the guise of revenge for a despicable attack—one that like Pearl Harbor would in Roosevelt’s words “live in infamy”-- the real perpetrators of 9/11 were officials in our own government, who had carefully staged a home-grown terrorist attack designed to justify force to acquire US control of all remaining energy reserves worldwide.  This move required the concentration of despotic powers in the US executive branch, and the cancellation of constitutional guarantees of habeus corpus, freedom of information, and free speech.

     But it had to be made to look like an attack by Arab/Islamic terrorists. Many researchers have now shown how the so-called hijackers were set up as a cover for the real  professional state-terrorists who actually coordinated the attacks. David Ray Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor lists many of the black holes in the official account of what happened. The most complete and far-reaching analysis of what really happened that I have read is Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon which spells out in meticulous detail Ruppert’s impressive  investigation into many aspects of the cover-up including the  secret War Games which were in operation on 9/11, all of which, it finally emerged, were being coordinated by Vice President Dick Cheney.

      In addition to guaranteeing US control of dwindling hydrocarbons, the 9/11 drama was designed to benefit Israel in its war against the Palestinians, now conveniently cloaked as part of the Bush Neocon “war against terror.” As Nur Masalha has shown in Imperial Israel and the Palestinians, successive Israeli governments have sought pretexts for “transferring” all Palestinians such as wars against Iraq, designed to destabilize the whole region as a cover for such ethnic cleansing. This helps to explain why billions of dollars and thousands of troops have produced only chaos. Chaos is what Israel wanted to create a cover when it decides to move to solve its “demographic problem.”

    Another important 9/11 epiphany for me came when I learned of the shocking scandal of the ownership, control and insurance of the WTC by Silverstein Properties, which provided a spectacular stage for the 9/11 attacks and garnered as well a massive profit from the controlled demolition of buildings which would otherwise have cost millions to dismantle because of their high asbestos content, Silverstein gaining a jury’s assent to consider the attacks as two separate events and so reap a profit of some US 500 million.

      Add to this the Insider Trading scam, the disappearance of billions and trillions from HUD, Department of Defense, and the Pentagon, (see Ruppert ‘s Chapter 28 “Conquering the American People”), use of Israeli-generated software and security system PROMIS which Ruppert believes allowed Dick Cheney “to penetrate and over-ride any other radar computer or communication system in the government”, and the Rumsfeld policy of authorizing secret “pre-emptive” strikes against terrorists, agent provocateurs, designed  to provoke murderous terrorist attacks which would then justify massive force to quell, “only in nations that have significant hydrocarbon resources or are critical to their delivery.” (Ruppert 473-74)

     Proof that the interests of the Neocons (which are the interests of Israel) prevail over domestic interests is the latest announcement (January 10, 2007) by George W. Bush that he will increase US troop strength in Iraq. This decision opposes all other advice which has been  to withdraw US troops from Iraq and devote resources to reconstruction and healing. Bush’s decision follows instead the advice of Neocon Frederick Kagan, Senior Fellow in the American Enterprise Institute, like his brother Robert, an important player in the PNAC, whose advice is to increases troop strength, committing thousands more American troops to an immoral, illegal and failing war.

     Although I have spoken to people who fear what will happen if the public at large finds out the truth, I believe that dismantling the 9/11 hoax and exposing to public view the real perpetrators is essential for salvaging American democracy. People must be made aware of the true nature of the present  administration and its motivation so that we can change course and work honestly to solve the catastrophic global energy crisis in ways beneficial to all, cutting down consumption for luxuries, and developing alternative sources of energy.